Screen Time and our Children

Screen time is well and truly ingrained in our lives. We use it every day as adults, however more importantly, our children are increasingly accessing screen time too. Whether it be to connect with friends, engage in educational learning or to stream the latest episode of Bluey, children have more access to technology and screen time than every before. It has its benefits, don’t get us wrong. There are so many educational learning apps and interactive ways to connect to peers that can enhance our children’s thirst for learning and need for social connectivity.  What is vitally important, is how we manage the sedentary time our children spend in front of screens.

We have collated information from government websites and parenting experts to create a visual representation of screen time guidelines and strategies to help manage their times spent in front of the screens effectively.

You can click on the image below to open up to a PDF version. Print it out and put it on your fridge as a gentle reminder to your whole family.