Welcome to Yallo – your home in Dalyellup for connecting, learning, growing!

During a 2018-2019 community consultation with Dalyellup residents, feedback consistently highlighted the need for better services, more inclusion, a greater sense of belonging … and better coffee!

Cue the birth of Yallo!

We can’t promise good quality coffee (The Promenade has this covered) but Yallo does promise to offer a variety of exceptional programs and services to nurture our children and support the young people, individuals and families of the Dalyellup community.

Funded by the Dept for Communities, Investing in Our Youth and Milligan are proud to bring the Dalyellup community a leading, unique community hub that captivates the needs and wants of the very people it is here to support.

At Yallo, Investing In Our Youth will bring families Yallo’s Play Cafe and a bunch of different, inclusive activities for early years and their families- check out the amazing Term 2 Planner for 2023 and follow Yallo socials for all the exciting upcoming events and workshops.

In conjunction with Dalyellup Primary School, we run a Play Cafe each term at the schools early learning centre. Anyone is welcome to join!