Carey Park

Child and Parent Centre – Carey Park is a fun, vibrant community that values families as the first teachers of children.

We provide tools, programs and support to help parents and carers in this all important role.  Our little people are our future, and it’s our responsibility as a whole community to ensure they grow up feeling loved and cared for.

We offer a wide variety of activities and service that are constantly reviewed to meet the needs and wants of our families. We have music, playgroups, support groups, pre-kindy, Lego® club, parenting programs and more – check out our Current Programs page for our full timetable.  All programs are free of charge.

Conveniently located at Carey Park Primary School, we are open to all families in the community, including surrounding areas. Look for the lemon trees on the other side of the staff car park and you’ll find us!

About Carey Park Child & Parent Centre

Kaya!  Ngala kaaditj nidja Wardandi boodja.

Child and Parent Centre – Carey Park is managed by Investing In Our Youth in partnership with Carey Park Primary School.

Child and Parent Centre – Carey Park staff are here to support parents and carers in their role as first teachers.  The early years of a child’s life are incredibly important and have lifelong impact.  For example, strong parent-child relationships in early childhood help develop a child’s sense of belonging, self-esteem and wellbeing.

Tricia, Janine, Denise, Kirsty and Olivia invite you to come in to the Centre and say hi.

For further information please telephone 9721 6991 or check out our Facebook page.