Incredible Years for Parents

“Parenting is probably one of the hardest jobs an adult will undertake, but probably also the one for which the least amount of training and preparation is provided”. – Carolyn Webster-Stratton, creator of the Incredible Years®

This is where the Incredible Years® comes in.  The Incredible Years® helps parents feel competent and confident in their parenting decision making, so they can raise resilient kids.

We often liken the parenting strategies discussed in the Incredible Years® to a toolkit – lots of different tools to use for different situations, children, and families.  There is no single ‘magic’ tool for parenting, but there are strategies that help reduce conflict and oppositional behaviours.

The Incredible Years® parent programs are designed to strengthen parent/child attachment, promote prosocial behaviours and positive self-concept.  The programs also equip parents with tools to manage problem behaviours, stopping them from getting out of control and becoming an ingrained pattern of behaviour.


Investing In Our Youth is proud to be the first Western Australian provider of the Incredible Years® evidence based parenting program.  In partnership with local agencies, we currently offer the following universal prevention programs:



  • Child-Directed Play Promotes Positive Relationships
  • Promoting Toddler’s Language Development with Child-Directed Coaching
  • Social and Emotional Coaching
  • The Art of Praise and Encouragement
  • Spontaneous Incentives for Toddlers
  • Handling Separations and Reunions
  • Positive Discipline – Effective Limit Setting
  • Positive Discipline – Handling Misbehaviour

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  • Child-Directed Play Promotes Positive Relationships
  • Academic and Persistence Coaching
  • Social and Emotional Coaching
  • The Art of Effective Praise and Encouragement
  • Motivating Children Through Incentives
  • Rules, Responsibilities and Routines
  • Effective Limit Setting and Follow Through
  • Avoiding and Ignoring Misbehaviour
  • Time Out To Calm Down
  • Other Consequences (Natural and Logical Consequences)
  • Teaching Children to Problem Solve Through Games and Stories

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Not sure if Incredible Years® is right for you and your family, or just want some more information before registering for the next program?

Investing In Our Youth holds regular information sessions at Carey Park and Collie Child and Parent Centres for interested parties to find out more about the program/s.  These ‘taster’ sessions provide an opportunity to find out more about the program, meet Incredible Years® facilitators and ask any questions you may have.  Pop in for a chat, cuppa and some yummy food!

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The answer to this question varies for everyone.  Some typical responses include:

  • I want my child to use their manners/share with others/stop hitting/get to sleep (and the list goes on!)

Parenting can be a wonderful, rewarding journey but it also fraught with frustration and challenges.  The Incredible Years® shows parents how to get the behaviours they want by using responsive and sensitive parenting skills that are suited to each child’s temperament.  The program also incorporates effective limit setting and positive discipline techniques.

  • I want to meet other parents with kids around the same age.

Being a parent can be isolating.  Doing a parenting education program is a great way to meet other parents, engage with services and find out what’s happening in your local community.  The Incredible Years® Parent Series is a group-based program that runs over 13-16 weeks, providing many opportunities for participants to connect with parents of similarly aged children.  Investing In Our Youth staff can also link you in with other family-based activities happening near you.

  • I want to be the best possible parent I can be.

We hear you!  What that looks like though, will be different for everyone.  The relaxed, discussion-based format of the Incredible Years® Parent Series means that each person is an active contributor rather than a passive participant.  Each person is the expert in their own child/life/family – this means that your parenting experiences shape the program, and the collective knowledge of the group is a valued part of the learning process.

  • I am worried that my parenting isn’t good enough.

Many parents want to feel more confident in their parenting decision making.  The Incredible Years® Parent Series equips parents and carers with the most effective, evidence-based parenting strategies —helping reduce current behavioural problems and prevent future ones.